Monday, February 11, 2008

Me No Likey: Grammy Fashion

So, here are a few of the things that I did not like from this weekends festivities.

The dress that rapper LIL MAMA had on reminded me of a nun. It was a very weird selection and I think it was the worst thing on the red carpet all week. The colors are what give it the nun look, and I do not know who her stylist is, but they need to be let go immediately!!! This is wrong in so many ways....*smh*

The next look that had my mouth wide open, and not in a good way, was CHRIS BROWN. He is usually pretty clean cut and attractive but I was not really feeling the red and white look he had going on here. It looks like a cheap prom outfit, and it's just too much. The red accents on the jacket make for a cheap look and it's just not nice.

shocked me with this dress. I don't like it at all, and I'm suprised she decided to rock it this weekend. The floor length, long sleeve, turtle neck dress was not something I see her in, and it's just a dress that does not posses the funky edge that RIHANNA does.

This woman never really ends up in my "Me No Likey" section because the people that are usually here are people who surprise me by what they are wearing. If I did one of these weekly, JANICE COMBS would likely be here more often than not. I'm not hating on her style, it's just way to over the top for my taste, but she is only doing her, and I can't be mad at that. The contacts, the fur, the blonde wigs and shiny clothes never go anywhere, they simply change style and color. But like I said, she's just doing her. More power to her!

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