Friday, October 26, 2007

Double Takes: Beyonce, Tina Knowles & Kelly Rowland!

This edition of "Double Takes" is a little bit different than previous ones. The focus of this one, is a pair of boots. Apparently these 3 women all wear the same size, because they were all spotted wearing the same pair of boots. These black, pointed toe, stiletto boots, with pearl and rhinestone embellishments, are the the pair have traveled more than some people I know. Had these 3 women been completely separate individuals, but the fact that they are family, I'm willing to bet that these particular pair were passed around. I would like to note that I am not in any way spinning this so that it seems like a "bad thing" but rather just something I noticed. I'm all for switching and swapping....why not?!

Last year, the first person who wore these boots was BEYONCE, with the matching bag while out with boyfriend JAY-Z doing a little shopping. I am loving her top in these shots!

Soon after, Beyonce's momager TINA KNOWLES threw on the boots, minus the matching bag with a black long sleeve top and jeans for an appearance on TRL promoting their joint clothing line House of Dereon.
I noticed the sharing of accessories last year, but thought nothing of it. I mean, they are together all of the time, and since I know these boots weren't cheap I see no shame in sharing them!

But it looks as if when Tina and daughter Beyonce were done with them, they passed them down to Destiny's Child group member KELLY ROWLAND. She was spotted this week in London at a performance wearing the same boots, with a black skin tight cat-suit inspired one-piece. Hey, if Beyonce was my best friend or daughter, I'm sure we'd be wearing the same thing on more than one occasion too! lol

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