Thursday, November 29, 2007

Me No Likey: A little too much

These ladies disappointed me this week, by all over-doing it. Either they had on too many clothes, or what they had on was doing too much and was a little gaudy.

First is KEYSHIA COLE, who apparently fired her stylist. She was doing so well, but it seems her appearances on both TRL and 106 & Park knocked her off. First, she visited MTV studios wearing a beige and cream get-up that I am not particularly fond of. As I previously stated, I do not know why she insists on wearing undergarments as clothes, and this white lace bra is not attractive. The hat looks silly and I can't tell if it is a dress or if she layered all of these pieces. Me No Likey!

Next COLE visited BET looking a bit more furry. She decided to rock a tan and brown sleeveless fur coat, along with a black belt, tights and black patent leather knee high boots. The boots are different, they have an inward wooden heel, and I would not say that they are ugly, it is just that they were paired with this jacket. Try again Keysh!

Last is one of my fav people in Hollywood, well not really Hollywood, but she's one of my fav celebs. Model/Stylist MISA HYLTON-BRIM attended a hair show given by DJ Angie Martinez earlier in the week. I do not like what she has on at all. I am aware that New York is a very cold place around this time, but come on. The shape of all of the pieces makes her look larger than she is, and they just do not compliment each other. The dress may be cute on it's own, but along with the cropped fur coat, it does not work. The thigh-high suede boot hides the definition of her leg, making it look very large, especially becuase of the black stocking she wore. There is simply too much going on here. Me no likey, Misa!

As I said, I know it is cold in NYC, but layering needs to be done a particular way, and this is not it. TEYANA TAYLOR, whose claim to fame is Sweet 16, and is also the newest signed artist to the Star Track label. She has on too many clothes, and I know she has her own style, and it is semi-masculine, however I do not even think I would like the look on a man. It's toooo much!

Last is PEPA, of the rap duo "Salt & Pepa" pictured with Missy Elliot. The only thing I don't like about this outfit is that it is a signature FENDI jacket. It does not look nice, even though, it is black on black, which usually gives the signature print on clothes a pass (see Kanye West in black on black GUCCI jacket). But this time it just doesn't work. Me no likey.

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