Thursday, November 29, 2007

For My Fellas: I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

So I have officially decided that I like this line. I was kind of iffy about the line due to the very gaudy type pieces that they sometimes produce. Here are a few of the most interesting pieces I've seen lately. I am really feeling the most recent additions to the BBC & ICE CREAM lines, someone has stepped their game up.
First is this very stylish BBC University Cardigan, worn by KANYE WEST, and pictured in the 3 available colors of grey, ivory and navy. I really love this jacket, it can be worn preppy or dressed down, like WEST has done. It looks cozy too, so fellas I would add this to my Christmas lists if I were you. It will look good on you....I promise! :)

Next are a couple of pieces that I find particularly creative. Waffle print shoes and waffle print a matching tote bag. The shoes are your basic sneaker and look like they would be a yummy addition to your closet! The shoes go for $195 and the bag is $230.

Another very cute hoodie from the line features the Ice Cream Pin-Up girl in a bikini with socks and sneakers. I like it in heather gray, but it also comes in pink. This lovely piece goes for $320!

The big chunky sweater that Pharrell has on, a BBC Knit Straight logo Zip Sweater (Ivory), is very stylish and I love the way it looks perfect for Winter. It features 2 front pockets and Pharrell is displaying the back, while the other photo is of the front. All of the logos are knitted. It is sold for $330.

You can find all of these pieces on the website: Go and check it out!

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