Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Wore What: Stylish Starlets!

I am loving some of the fashions I saw this week! So here are a few pics of my fav outfits!

First is BEYONCE fresh off her World Tour and she looks so adorable in these high-waist slacks with the bow-tie. The long sleeve turtleneck is perfect for winter and she finishes the look off with an over sized beanie and stone embellished shoes.

Fresh out of rehab is LINDSAY LOHAN in the Los Angeles CHANEL store doing some shopping. She has on a satin silver one piece dress. She threw on a pair of black ankle boots with it, keeping in line with her usual style by adding some funk and the boho-chic element.

JENNIFER HUDSON looked so amazing at this Clive Davis party! I loved everything about the look from head to toe. Her hair and make-up were flawless and the dress was gorgeous on her. The brown number hugged her in all the right places and created a very desirable silhouette for JHud as she has been nicknamed by many.

Landing on here twice is BEYONCE...she really impressed me this week. I am loving this dress she chose for her trip back to the states. She was spotted in the airport wearing this short puff sleeve gray dress with buttons running down the front. Lovely!

LAUREN LONDON, who you should all go check out in "This Christmas" in theaters now, wore a very cute dress to the LA Premiere of the movie. Simplicity is her MO and I love it. She a pretty girl so she doesn't try to over-do it, wearing the clothes and not letting them wear her. She belted the knee-length dress and black peep toe shoes.

Also starring in "This Christmas" is SHARON LEAL who wore a very cute blue layered spaghetti strapped dress. Not anyone can pull this look off but I think she did so very well. And the metallic silver peep toe shoes are hot.

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