Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me No Likey: That Look is NOT for you!

One of the worst things is when Bad Clothes happen to good people, and in these cases, that's the unfortunate circumstance.

PEPA is a firecracker, and we all know she wears some racy clothes, but this just about takes the cake. Out partying at what looks like Bed in Miami, PEPA wore white jeans (which is not a good idea #1), and a white bra with black embroidery and a black camisole on top. Only she did not really wear the cami, because it was pulled down to expose that hideous lace bra. And I'm pretty sure this pose is NOT helping the situation. Awww Pep! And you were doing so well!

Actress and Comedian SHONDRELLA AVERY attended the Kissable Couture launch party wearing a very iridescent top that I do not like at all....and then she belted it on top of that. The velvet pants are way too much for that top and it does not sit well with me. The whole outfit looks pieced together form separate looks creating one big mess, and that huge gold bag scores no points in my book either.

, who is also at the Kissable Couture event has been dressing so adorable lately, however this redish pink number is not so nice. I think it's too tight, and the black boots look too big. I don't just looks like she is going to school or something. It's just not fab, and the gold belly rope belt looks like that school is junior high. Lose that outfit Chrissy!

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