Thursday, July 16, 2009

ESPY Roundup

So the fabulous ESPY awards were last night, where the hottest sports stars gather to be honored, awarded and celebrated for their outstanding performances through the year. Needless to say everyone was stepping on to the red carpet in the best of the best....or were they?

I thought my girl SERENA WILLIAMS looked amazing and I loved this color on her. I love the soft and hard combination her, as it flowy but still structured in the torso area. Nice!

I was a bit confused by RASHIDA JONES' look, as I'm not a huge fan of short white dresses all the time. It has to be something really speacil for me not to scrutinize. But I was disappointed at both dress and shoe selection. Some of these startlets think that you can throw a Louboutin on with anything, and that's just not the case!

Not short and black is another's almost always a success1 JAMIE PRESELY killed it in this long sleeve, short black number. I'm almost sure the back is out, though I haven't seen it. But even if it's not, this is still a very hot look.

Last but not least....well maybe in this situation, are KOBE & VANESSA BRYANT. He looks nice, but he obviously thought this 2001 Prom dress with cut-outs was okay for his wifey, and so did she. It's definitely not cute and I can't imagine why she would think it was. The cut is all wrong, the hem is weird and her breasts are extremely too huge for this. They look like they hurt....and once again those Louboutin's are not for this look. Try again Mrs. Bryant! But I still love you

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