Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out & About: Fab looks for the summer!

These colors caught my eye, as I love pastels, florescent and bright fun colors overall during the summer. I mean it's so reflective of the weather and summer in general! I love it!

ASHANTI looked especially cute in her light blue Herve skirt and I always love loose fitting tanks with this kind of's a great combination of both style and color. The yellow is just right and typically I may not have liked this shoe but the peep toe ankle boot works here!

The dress Matthew Williamson that THANDIE NEWTON recently wore was so summery and sweet. I loved the mix of colors and the pleating along the neckline. She hardly ever does wrong, and she's obviously a big MW fan as I frequently see her in his latest pieces. I also love that she paired it with a nude shoe. Very nice combo!

NICK CANNON also decided to rock the warm colors of summer in a lavender shirt and tie along with a tan vest to a Swatch event in New York. He looks very clean and I am loving his "always suited & booted" image he's been giving. I don't like the suits when he looks like MC's bodyguard, but I do like this change in color!

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