Friday, April 17, 2009

Foot Fetish: Sachi 2 Platform

So this is definitely going to be my next purchase! I first saw them online at when I was looking for a pair of bright, neon pumps but I was not sure how they'd look on a foot. But JUNE AMBROSE and CHRISETTE MICHELE both proved to me that they look just as hot on as they do in the photo!
June posted herself wearing the shoes in her TwitPic Dairy, which I love and you'll be seeing a post on soon...and Chrisette wore them during a performance, both times very cute! June is styling for Chrisette right now too, I wonder if she took them off her fee to complete the look! I love when stylists remove items from themselves to complete a look!

The Sachi 2 Platform is available at and they will set you back $135.00. I am heading over to order my pair now!

*UPDATE: They are sold out of every size except US 7.....dammmnit!

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