Sunday, January 11, 2009

Foot Fetiish: Keyshia's Louis Vuitton Platform Wedges

I have been looking for a really cute platform wedge and I really like the Louis Vuitton Platform wedges. I was not a fan at first due to the two toned versions I saw at first; but when I opened the jacket of KEYSHIA COLE'S new album, I saw the all black pair, which I instantly got excited about! 

I love the entire outfit, and the whole pin-up girl vibe, not to mention the album has been my vocal practice for about....a month now! :)

ANGELA SIMMONS was also spotted in these very different but stylish shoes during LA Fashion week. I like both of the looks but I'm digging Keyshia's a little more. What do you think? Ladies, is this a wedge you'd wear?


Queen B. said...

I was on an assignment and they had these two tone Louis Vuitton swedges on set. I feel in love with them! The stylist let me try them on. I told the client that I would do a trade for those shoes even though they were to big.

Shima said...

I would so rock these wedges! The black ones Keyshia has on are fab.

Anonymous said...

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