Friday, January 9, 2009

Dress for Less: The Bakers Way!

So if you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of bags and shoes. If nothing else, this is what I will spend a pretty penny on. I will definitely grab a pair of jeans and a shirt out of Forever so I can have my huge Givenchy Nightingale weighing my arm down (true story)! But really though, times are a little bit harder than they were in the past and pinching pennies is something I think everyone should do. Keeping up with the latest fashions does not mean you have to be flat broke! There are ways around the hefty price tags without sacrificing "the look." 

I was in the mall and I was passing Bakers and I had to stop and go in. I was amazed at how many of the designer copies they had on the shelves! I mean, I always knew they did this, just as Steve Madden does, but some of the shoes are nearly indistinguishable!

If you are on a budget (which you should be, no matter how much money you have), try heading to your friendly Bakers location and check out some of the following:

One of my favorite collections from Gucci thus far, the Babouska collection is featured amongst Bakers' shoes. Look at that price difference! The Danaka is definitely more like it!

A shoe that has been very popular amongst Hollywood's hottest is the YSL T-Strap Sandal. I think the Aileen looks most like the original. The shoe has recently been spotted on the girlfriend of Chris Paul and BEYONCE KNOWLES
A shoe that our good friend and MEAGAN GOOD couldn't get enough of this Fall is next on the list. The Jimmy Choo Glenys Elaphe Snakeskin sandals have, well...not exactly a twin, let's say a distant cousin, on the shelves at Bakers. I'm not a fan of this one, but it's obvious where the inspiration is drawn from. I'm going to have to go with Jimmy on this one, or I won't go at all. The Caylee just doesn't cut it this time.  
Lastly is a shoe that I'm totally over but nevertheless, Bakers still provides them and I was a big fan of them at one point. Yes, I have a pair (black) in my possession! But needless to say, with the mass production everywhere (I'm talking neighborhood swap-meet/discount mart), they are doing nothing but gathering dust in my closet. 
Popularized by SJP in Sex and the City, the Dior Gladiator Sandal has a fraternal twin at Bakers, Candice. The shoe has also been worn by NICOLE RICHIE and BEYONCE

Bakers is defintely one of the many places you can shop to avoid being fabulously broke! Since I'm well aware of how bad things in the economy are, I will be doing these types of posts on how to save money and still be fab, more often. Let me know what you think!


Leela said...

Def great post...
We all need to know how to keep more pennies in our pocket!


Naturally Voguish said...

Of wow this post is sweet, I never knew the shoes in Bakers were inspired by high fashion trends ...

Off to Bakers!

ione said...

you should make posts like these often! =)