Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yessssss!!! The Best Suprise Ever!!!

When MAXWELL walked out at the 2008 BET Awards to perform....I almost lost my breath! He is my absolute favorite artist PERIOD, and it was "Simply Wonderful" to see and hear his beautiful melodious voice again(not that I don;t hear it every night on my way to bed, lol). It made me even more anxious for his comeback, and I hope that that appearance was exactly for that reason: to get his fans prepared for the return! He says he wants to make sure it's "right" for the fans, but I'm pretty sure he has been creating some masterpieces in there!

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Leela said...

AHHHHH Maxwell is one of my favorites too, I am listening to him RIGHT NOW..."We can do a little sumthin, sumthin"...
he's gorgeous!