Monday, February 4, 2008

I Love My.....


These are similar to a post I did back in October, but the ladies are rocking these leggings in a totally different way, more than 3 months later. Songstress RIHANNA was one of the first people I saw sporting the skin tight shiny pant, but it seems she is not the only one who has taken a liking to them!

CHRISTINA MILIAN hit up plenty of fashion shows in Bryant Park this weekend, and at the Baby Phat show she decided to rock them with a long sleeve transparent shirt with knee high boots. I love the look, and the jewelry really shines against such a solid palate. Love the necklace and the bracelets! Looking fabulous Ms. Milian!

Next is KELLY ROWLAND who wore the leggings during a performance overseas. She wore them with a loose fitting puff sleeve top and a pair of stiletto patent boots. Both of the ladies decided to do an entire "Blackout" look with the leggings, but took it completely different directions.

Third is none other than the little fashionista herself LINDSAY LOHAN. She wore the leggings with a white sweater/jacket, and a pair of black Mary Jane patent heels. She looks ok, I'm not really feeling it, but it's not ugly.

Last but definitely not least is supermodel HEIDI KLUM, who dressed the leggings up more than any of the tree ladies above. She wore the pant with a multi-colored sequined top, royal blue shoes (which look like LOUBOUTINS) and a very full fur coat. I love this look, and I think her little tiny legs don't look half bad in them. However, I do think that these lame' leggings should be reserved for someone who can fill them out a little more. They are looking a little saggy on the Victoria's Secret queen, but she still looks amazing! Oh and not to mention that it bag she's showing off as her arm candy of the day. An all around fabulous look!

If you think you can pull these pants off, head over to American Apparel and put them in your basket. They will cost you a solid $40.00, a small price to pay for a hot item such as this.

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