Friday, February 1, 2008

Me No Likey

Here are the ensembles that did absolutely nothing for me this week. There was no in between, they completely miss the mark. Or in Kim's case missed the "MARC."

The neon catastrophe that you see before you is none other than LIL KIM. Now I usually give a pass, she's just wild and so is her style. But there is n excuse for this! I do not care if Marc Jacobs sent these pictures directly from his line, shoot I don't care if he hand sewed them his self! It should not have left the runway, because that is exactly what the entire outfit looks lie, a show piece. Even if the colors weren't so bright, why would she put that huge belt over this suit? And that scarf has got to go! It just a miss from head to toe! Yuck!!

Not that I expect anything more from video voxen and the self proclaimed "Boss B*tch," ANGEL "LOLA LUV," but I was sure rolling up our tees and tying them up in the back to expose the mid drift went out in the late 90's? But apparently I was wrong. I know she wants show off her both popular and controversial assets but she looks like a high-schooler from back in the day who's about to get a ticket for breaking the dress code. Right?

What were you possibly thinking VIVICA?! I mean really....what made your choose this as your outfit for the red carpet?! The look confuses me. She is covered from head to toe and she looks rather matronly. Honestly she looks like a church lady. She is exposing no skin, no neck, no arm, no leg, and no hair! And I'm not saying you need to do that necessarily be sexy and stylish, but this long sleeved turtleneck Lycra dress is NOT the way to go! And all the chains hanging really threw me off. That belt and that huge cross necklace is horrible! Stop it Viv!

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