Monday, February 4, 2008

The Hotness: Bright Shoes to Spice Up the Look!

These ladies all had something in common this weekend at one of the biggest events of the season: Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. They all wore some very cute outfits to the shows along with Pumps that made them POP!

The biggest statement was made by RIHANNA in a black cocktail dress paired with very bright orange round toe pumps. I love it, it's adds some uumph to the look, making it stand out and not be as boring as it would have had she worn a pair of predictable black shoes. Me likey!

The SIMMONS sisters also looked very stylish as they took on fashion week. VANESSA looks stunning, as does ANGELA. Angela decided to match two very bold colors up with her lime green layered bow dress, and a pair bright red pumps. I like the look, once again I think of it as fun and young. It's exciting and so not what we would have expected.

A woman who has constantly been impressing me lately, singer/actress AMERIE, also decided to throw on a pair of shoes that would would make her outfit pop. She wore basic colors such as black jeans, a white shirt and a silver/gray jacket with a pair of royal blue pumps that I absolutely love! I am digging the look, and I just bought a pair of pumps similar to AMERIE'S, but I they don't have shine that hers have. Nevertheless, the price is not too shiny either. You can check out the pair you can purchase for what I'm sure is less than a third of what Amerie paid here.

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