Saturday, January 19, 2008

Style Spotlight: Jurnee Smollet

So this young lady has definitely grown up, and she's proving it more and more with every appearance. All of JURNEE SMOLETT'S dresses are fab and she works them all her own personal way, reflecting her unique personality. Granted, I don't know what she dresses like on the regular, but I do know that what she and her stylist have been agreeing on for the red carpets is amazing! First she is pictured in a white DEBORAH LINDQUIST [shout out to Red Light PR!] dress at a Teen Vogue event, which fits her so well. She looks like a little angel!

Next is a very tailored satin dress, that makes JURNEE look a little older, but is still appealing. She paired the perfect pair of metallic peep toe pumps and grabbed a clutch to finish off the look. I like it.

This next look is so light and fun! Her pose says it all, and the black and white dress is turned up a notch with the very cute BURBERRY sandals she picked out. The black clutch is the perfect pick and the whole look is an A+! It fits the starlet and I couldn't imagine better accessories for the dress. Cute!

By far my favorite dress out of all of the ones she's worn, is this Grecian inspired gold and cream colored dress. Everything from the way the dress flows to the four straps that fall on the shoulders. Her hairstyle is perfect, and the clutch and the jewelry look so amazing all together. If I was going to prom again, this would be a definite possibility! Me likey!

Last but definitely not least is a dress that is the runner up for my favorite. A strapless white ruffled dress is reminiscent of a re-vamped Marylin Monroe classic. I love her pose and the silver shoe is not something I would have chosen but it totally works. I really think that she looks amazing in this shot, the dress is not like many I've seen before. The dress is from VALENTINO'S Spring 2008 Collection, and she is doing it much justice, and leaving me anxious to see the rest of the collection!

With all these amazing looks, I'm itching to see JURNEE'S next red carpet appearance! She is definitely someone to lookout for, and I'm excited to be on wardrobe watch with her as the subject!

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Kim said...

How could you not love this woman? She's classy and confident.