Monday, January 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning.......

So I am headed back to school for my last and final semester of college as an under graduate! Wooohooo! Anyways, I stay @ my Mom's during the long breaks and as one can expect, I accumulate plenty of "things" while I'm here. I just finished doing some packing and I got carried away and cleaned out all of my drawers and some of my closet. A funny thing happened while I was doing so: I realized I'm a dreamer! If you know me you know I'm an optimistic person, and I am completely wishful when it comes to most things.....including fashion. To be a bit more clear, I am hopeful that certain things will come back into fashion, so I keep them. It reminds me of the "Buy, Keep, Store" section in every issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. If we truly followed that advice, we'd be drowning in clutter! Which is exactly what I found myself in while cleaning up! I was looking at clothes that I loved so much that I was always saying to myself "that may come back into style, so I should hold onto it." This is a "no-no" when it comes to "things." Granted your one or two favorite pieces, maybe even three do not have to be sacrificed, but where will there be room for all the beautiful new things you will acquire this year of you're holding onto things from four or five years ago? So my message is: LET GO! I have a hard time telling myself this most of time time, and my best friends remind me of it all the time! lol I don't typically make New Years Resolutions, but I think this is a great one, for me at least. If I'm definitely not going to use it, or I have to say "it may come in handy one day," then I need to get rid of it! REMEMBER, you do not have to throw anything away, in fact I highly recommend that you don't! There are so many people who can use your old clothes/shoes/accessories. I personally donate to the mission, which following your phone call will come out to your house and pick up the items you wish to donate, and unlike many other charity places, take everything regardless of wear and tear on the pieces. I know after I clean up, I feel much better so it it not only a cleanlinesses thing, but a overall better feeling about everything. Walking into a clean room after a long day makes everything least for me it does! :)

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