Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me No Likey: My Favs Disappoint

I was very disappointed to see two of my favorite Fashionista's step out in these outfits. I love they way these ladies dress most of the time, but these particular ensemble just didn't do it for me.

First, BEYONCE steps out with her man JAY Z reminding me of a teenage girl that does not really have any fashion sense. Granted, I understand that she is representing the affordable version of her line DEREON, but if this is a preview of that section of the line, I have to say that I am not not at all a fan! The neon colors against the black makes for a very cheap (not is a good way) look. The pedal pusher style sweats are not in style and the shoes and the accessories make my stomach turn. I am not, and have never been fond of the neon accessories, (like B's hoop earrings), and the shoes remind me of when I see older women wearing heels with all of their tracksuits. The look is all wrong, hopefully it was just a one time thing, as I am a fan of B both on wax and the runway that is her life.

Next is KELIS, who just looks to me like she has too much going on. The leather jacket is one thing, but it has a very thick fur collar. The shirt under it is cropped, and actually looks like the fur may be attached to it, which is even worse. The high-waist look does not do JONES justice with the outfit at all here. She also decided to jump on one of the trends of the season wearing open toed shoes with colored socks and it just doesn't work in her favor. She looks like a woman who does not know how to dress herself, and just threw on whatever was lying around. I love KELIS and her style becuase she's different, so I can't fault her for stepping out of the box on this one, but I can say that I do not like it.

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