Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Hotness: Kimora's Spring/Summer Ad Campaign

Wow! That was my immediate thougt when I saw the shots for the upcoming ad campaign for KIMORA LEE SIMMONS' Baby Phat line. The ad campaign's get more and more interesting every time, and she looks better every season. She's the girl you love to hate, but for me, she's the girl I love to love! Her bold and forward attitude and behavior have given her a reputation in the industry, but you have to admit that she's bad! I mean look at the pictures and they speak for themselves! The ad features the 32 year old mogul on the beach, nude (as usual), laid out in the sand, being washed over by a small wave, and a few more seductive shots. You can find them here, and you are guaranteed a glance at them in your upcoming magazines. I think the ads are very sexy, yet tasteful. Leave it to KIMORA to catch our eye with her ads. She the queen of shocking and moth dropping and she does not fall short of one's expectations of her this time around. I love this woman! I want to be KIMORA when I grow up! :)

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