Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Hotness: Eluxury has a new line!!!

I love this new line that eluxury has picked up! The line is called called "MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA." It features so many pieces that I could totally see myself wearing, and it completely impresses me! The line provides clothing for both men and women and I have posted a few pieces from the site that really caught my attention. First is the one piece jumper that is so adorable. It retails for $945.00 and can be worn various ways. It's feminine and flirty but can easily be paired with a pair of tights and pumps to create a totally different look. Sort of like what Beyonce recently wore to the Armani fashion show in Milan.

The next outfit is a double breasted coat, mesh bodysuit, white pants, and my favorite of the whole line the SHREDDED HIGH BOOT!!!! You can visit the site for more specifics on the pieces, but I'll go into more detail about the boots. :) They go for $1,195 and I love the color! They are so creative, and I've never seen any shoes like them before. I'll be saving up, at least for a pair that look similar! lol

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