Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Love My....


It's obviously getting a little cooler outside, especially on the East coast, so with that comes the appropriate accessory: the scarf. I personally love scarves, they can add so much to an outfit with such little effort. With the various styles, your look is almost a sure thing when throwing one on. Here are a few people who were spotted out and about last week bundling up!

First is Ms. ALICIA KEYS who looks amazing from head to toe! I'm loving this entire outfit, especially those jeans! She threw on a cute leather jacket and a chunky black scarf to complete the look! Cute!

Next is my fav fashion icon LINDSAY LOHAN aka LiLo. She was spotted multiple times out shopping and running errands this week in her multiple scarves. She looks so cute, and her look exhibits just how much one thing can add to an outfit! First she goes with a long sleeved dress, black pirate boots, a fedora and a beige scarf to complete the look. The second time she chooses a gray scarf, a navy cardigan, and a striped shirt. Both times are very stylish!

RIHANNA was out and about also, this time going au-natural, meaning she has on no makeup and I think she's beautiful either way! She is obviously in her comfy get-up, wearing sweats, and tennis shoes, a beanie to hide the hair, and a gray GUCCI scarf. Even all dressed "down" she still looks fab! I love it!

Singer MARIO decided to rock a graphite gray scarf to the La Dolce Vita event this week along with a black sweater, pants and shoes. I think the looks is "grown & sexy" for him and he looks nice here. The look is good for him, and it's definitely contributing to his attempt at coming out of the teenybopper phase. Love it!

Next is someone we haven't seen or heard form in a while: MAXWELL. As you already know he is my favorite artist of ALL TIME and I am anxiously awaiting his return. But until then I guess pics of him and old albums will have to do! He wears a very thin scarf, which is almost invisible because of the black on black combo. He has it tucked in the lapels of his suit, which he wears very well I might add! He made the look all his own by adding the retro shades.

Finally, another very talented man by the name of LENNY KRAVITZ adds a scarf to the mix. He is so fashion forward, I love his looks alomost every time I see a picture of him. Here he is wearing a simple gray t-shit, tight black pants, black leather boots and long jacket, finishing it off with a black scarf and heavily tinted shades. I love the look, Lenny is like the female Kate Moss to me, he's not afraid of taking chances! You gotta love it!

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