Friday, November 2, 2007

For My Fellas/Fashion Do's: Casual but Cool

These guys both know how to dress up as well as down. And by down I mean casual, not "Frumpy." JAY Z and KANYE WEST were both out looking very dare I say it "sexy"...and neither one of them are sexy to me; but clothes can work miracles! :) They both possess a different type of "swagger" and they possess it with confidence.

Jay Z was out and about in NYC doing a tv appearance for David Letterman and is pictured getting out of his transportation of choice, a Phantom. He is dressed for the weather but stays stylish in a black jacket, light jeans, and the scarf is honestly what made me choose this as a hot look. Not many guys thrown on scarves these days, or should I say fashion scarves, that obviously aren't there for warmth, but rather for fashion. I would not usually like the shoes, but they are classic shell toed ADDIDAS and who can go wrong with those? A rosary is his jewelry of choice.

WEST keeps it funky with a pair of Jordan tennis shoes, a darker faded wash of jeans, and a white GUCCI jacket. He also chose to add a scarf to his look and a backpack, which is a little hard to spot due to the white on white. Kanye hardly ever gets it wrong and he's always ahead of the style game. That's a good look.

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