Friday, January 30, 2009

Since I've Been Gone.....

I have definitely been MIA! I just started working at a PR firm where alllll I do is stay on the computer from 9-5, so needless to say that when I get home, hopping on the computer is the LAST thing I want to do! 

But oh how I've missed you so! I told myself that I would get to this by the end of the week, and here I am....sitting at the keyboard! Enough about that, let's recap whats been going on since I've been gone!

I feel horrible about now documenting this on my blog but I was so caught up in the moment, I couldn't tear myself away when it was all going down! Let's talk about MICHELLE OBAMA and her selections for the big day. I know you've all been through this already, but I just have to!

The first look of the day came from ISABEL TOLEDO with a lemongrass colored number. I did not love it, but I did not hate it. I totally understand what Michelle was trying to convey with the look. I really loved the J. Crew gloves! She couldn't be too fierce and intimidate the world with her fashion game....but not to worry

She stepped out in JASON WU later that night at the Inaugural Ball. This was my fav! I loved the detail and the one strap! Sooo gorgeous! And this has to be amazing for both designers! People are probably knocking down their doors as we speak! I cannot wait to see her clothes in the upcoming years!

So rumors have been swirling that KiKi was with child, and it's recently been confirmed with her recent appearances!! I love her so much, and she's def fabulous!

Leave it to her to make an appearance with a leopard shirt. Loves it!

Okay...back to business as usual! Those are just a couple of things that rocked my world in recent weeks!

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