Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Style Showdown: Teairra Marie vs Cherish Group Member

I honestly do not know the different between these girls to save my life, but I want to say the one I'm focusing in on is Farrah but I'm probably wrong. Anyways, the TWO women rocked a very similar look, not identical but similar, look consisting of metallic silver/platinum lycra tights and sequined black tops.

TEAIRRA MARIE wore her outfit to the MTV Kickoff party on Friday where I spotted her inside kicking it with Hugh Hefner's youngest girlfriend Kendra all night. She looked ok, as the look was hopefully not the outcome of hiring a paid stylist to put it together.

The Cherish member rocked a shirt that featured both black and silver sequins, and was long-sleeve. I like hers better, but what do you think? Who won the Style Showdown?

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