Thursday, September 11, 2008

Style Showdown: Rihanna VS. Thandie Newton

Both of these ladies wore this Giuseppe Zanotti Women's Sandal two very different ways.

RIHANNA first wore the strappy sandal while out on a shopoiing spree in LA. She threw on a pair of skinny jeans, and belted a "boyfriend blouse" to get a sleek laid-back but still fab look.

THANDIE wore the shoes with a short dress that featured pixelated roses. Very simple, yet cutsey for the carpet.

Who won this style showdown?

**Shout out to CHI CHI of Urban Hoopla for hooking me up with the designer! :)

1 comment:

Chi-Chi said...

Great eye, Jess! I didn't notice that Rihanna and Thandie got the style showdown on lock.

I'm voting for both. They both wore the heel well with their outfits.