Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Hotness: Vanessa & Angela Simmons Interview!

I hooked up with the girls at one of the many VMA parties this weekend and got to ask them about their style, which has been noticeably fierce these days. Everytime I turn around, these ladies are rocking the newest and flyest ish out there, so you know I had to get the scoop!

VANESSA clad in her black Pastry jeans (yes Pastry jeans), short sleeve burnout tee, GUCCI babouska booties and black cable knit beanie and ANGELA in her purple dress accented by a black feather dished to me that they have stylists on both coasts! "We have stylists, but we're very connected to our stylists," says Angela. Vanessa goes on to express that fashion not as serious as people make it out to be, and she likes to try new things, "We're very much fun and we like to have fun with our fashion. Trying different looks, I mean I don't think anyone should take fashion seriously." Angela says "it's a different way of expressing yourself and people should go for it!"

And as for the future of Pastry, the girls have big plans. "Crossing over into clothes, handbags, we're working on jewelry, we're working on perfume, we're working on make-up. We're trying to build an empire! Like kinda like Kimora did with Baby Phat. From t-shirts to this huge conglomerate, that's exactly what we're trying to do."

These girls are going to be around for a while. Keep your eyes on them, they are definitely forces to be reckoned with!

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