Monday, September 8, 2008

How to & How Not to Wear It: The Boyfriend Blouse

This is a tricky look. It can look amazing as the two ladies under the "How To" portion of this post wore it, but it can also go very wrong. I am a big fan of this look and I think with the right accessories, it's a sure thing. I for one, can't wear it because I think the tinier you are, the better for this look. I just feel like it'd look like I have on a big ol' t-shirt, lol.


RIHANNA first wore this look last week when heading to the Gucci store. She cinched the waist with a thin black and gold belt, pairing it with a pair of skinny blue jeans and black stiletto heel sandals. Her accessories were cheetah print (cuff and sunglasses).

TIA MOWRY wore her "boyfriend blouse" also with a pair of blue jeans, but she opted to tuck hers in instead of cinching the waist. She grabbed a bronze clutch and accessorized with gold jewelry and sandals. I think she looks adorable.

Unfortunately when there's good, there's always the bad. So with the 'How To' comes the 'How Not To' and Melyssa Ford is the subject of the latter.


I went to this event, and when I saw MELYSSA FORD approaching the red carpet I knew it was a walking disaster. First of all, this chic has a think for fish-net stockings that I just don't agree with. It makes any outfit look cheap and class-less. She wore her "boyfriend blouse" with no pants, but those God-awful stockings, peep toe pumps, and cinched the waist with a faux-leather belt. Bad look, I am definitely not a fan of this and she is the perfect example of how not to wear this look.

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