Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yummy Eats!

I went to Carney's tonight for the first time and it was absolutely yummy! I know it's hard to hard to believe, since it's an LA hot spot and definite tourist stop, but that's usually the way it is. People who live in places that have places like this rarely visit them, at least that's I've experienced. It took me years to get to Pink's hot dogs! But after having a Carney's hot dog, I will definitely say that I will not be standing in the 45min (minimum) line @ Pink's any longer. I liked it so much better than Pink's and that's saying a lot! The fries are not as good, I will admit but the hot dog definitely has them beat! And even if you don't eat meat, my very picky vegetarian best friend went with me and loved the garden burger. The decor is amazing and the restaurant is built inside of a real train caboose that was hauled in decades ago, and there are photos inside that document the entire thing! It really adds a homey feeling to the place and the waiters and chefs are extremely inviting and friendly. This is definitely something I recommend, if you live here or are just visiting for a while!


Wes said...

Oh wow... I drove by this spot when I was out in LA... Didn't know it was a "hot spot" though!! Ugghhhh!! I can't wait to go back!

Jess said...
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