Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vanessa Bryant's Fashion Game

While KOBE is handling the basketball game, it looks like his wife VANESSA is handling the fashion game. I'm sure one of the many perks of being, what some may call the best player since Jordan to grace the courts' wife, is being able to spend as much as you want on your wardrobe. She was spotted leaving the only victorious game of the final series on Tuesday wearing 2 key pieces from the recent Sex & the City Movie.

BRYANT wore a pair of shoes that I would say were the co-star of the movie. The "Something Blue" Manolo Blahnik satin pumps go for $895 and were Carrie's pride and joy! Her first item in her new closet.....for those fashion slackers who haven't seen it yet, I won't say anymore!

Her purse was also a hot topic among Sex & the City devotees! The Eiffel tower purse, worn by Carrie (pictured below) is by TIMMY WOODS and there are 2 versions of it available. The crystallized version of it, exactly like Carrie's goes for about $2500, and the non-crystallized version is about $400. But of course, from the looks of things, BRYANT wasn't going for the version w/less bling.

By the way, the rest of her outfit here is phenomenal! I am loving the cropped puff sleeve jacket and the skinny pant. She definitely doesn't look like she 's going to a basketball game, but hey, I'd use every opportunity I had to dress up too if I were in her position.

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