Monday, June 16, 2008

GUCCI....don't do this to me!!!

I am so very impressed with the Fall/Winter 2008 collection of shoes from GUCCI! Some of my favorite productions by far! All of this when my budget is the tightest it's ever been. *sad face* The pieces that have stolen my heart go by the name of "Babouska." The collection features studded designs ranging from flat riding boots, booties, to peep toe sandals.

Babouska High heel open-toe sandals with horsebit ring buckle & studs. $1195

Babouska Flat boot with studs. $1390

Babuska High heel boots with studs. $1895

Babouska High heel booties with studs. $995

The bag that comes from the "Babouska" collection is impressive too. I have pictured here the Boston Bag which retails for $3195 and will ship only after July 15th. I am loving it!

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Leela said...

I love love love this line, and I love your blog!
I have you on my blog roll..check it out..