Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We all eventually, and hopefully come to a point in our lives where we have to stop and think "Which road do I take?" Many journeys lead us to this question and we all choose different paths in life, but it is the journey in getting to these crossroads that I think are the true adventure. Attaining peace within one's self is not an easy task and know exactly what peace is is even harder. We are all individuals, and in turn we all have different understandings, ideologies and perspectives on things. My idea of peace may be different than yours, but as long as YOU know what it is to YOU, that is all that matters. I find peace and calm in daily meditation, but this is different from the peace I find is accomplishing something I have set out to do. It takes a very long time for one to find the peace that is being sought, but the main part and one of the most important things to learn in life is PATIENCE. Learning that things do not happen at the drop of a hat and exactly when you may want them to is key to enjoying a happy peaceful life. Impatience is a curse that will only bring frustration and stress. Some define patience as "Enduring Suffering" but I beg to differ. Patience is once again the journey. The time it takes to get where you want to be and to overcome that obstacle ahead of you requires patience and one does not necessarily need to be suffering to experience it. But beware, too much of a good thing may not always be good. Having too much patience can lead to an apathetic attitude and in turn deter one from attaining set goals. We are all living this life one time, so we must remember to do it right the first time! Have patience when it comes to finding yourself, and I need to definitely take my own advice. I am doing my best to teach myself how to be patient and realize that good things do come to whose who wait, but not too long. Okay, I've done enough analyzing and preaching! Lol. Have a great day, and be patient. Don't sweat the small things.

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