Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For My Fellas: Loving Louis Weezy?

Man, if Louis Vuitton depended on one person to provide advertisement, it would be a tie between KIMORA LEE SIMMONS and LIL WAYNE. This weekend at BET's Spring Bling in Florida, Weezy was a walking advertisement for LV. Though it may not seem obvious at first glance, I'll give you the run down of what he's wearing. His "father" Baby also wore a little Louis on his feet.

Beanie....check! This red and brown beanie is in your stores now, and you can get a matching scarf for it too. I did a post on the set in January seen on both Young Jeezy and Jermaine Dupri.

Scarf....check! This scarf uses the same design as the Cruise Collection 08 - Momogram Mini Lin Croisette bags. I'm sure it's available in the stores, but I couldn't find it online.

Damier Canvas Belt.....Check! They average about $500.00 give or take a few.

Charmed Keychain....Check!

Hi-top sneakers.....check

There you have it! I think he's trying to beat out the self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" KANYE!


Anonymous said...


Im really interested about the Louis Vuitton beanie and those Rennes sneakers,the problem is i can't find them anywhere, even in the internet.So i just wanted to asked if you know how to find them or something?.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You can answer on this page that will be easier

Thank you.

Jess said...


The scarf and the beanie are from a few seasons ago and a friend of mine who owns both pieces got his when they went on sale and he said that right now they are pretty much not in stock anymore...

As far as the sneakers go, they are 675.00 but also out of stock. These are really popular pieces, so they go quickly.

That's the link for eluxury where they are featured. You can call 1.877.890.7171 to see when or if they will be getting any more in.

Hope I helped, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Did your friend bought the beanie and the scarf in the Louis Vuitton of USA? Do you know the exact name of the collection of the beanie and the scarf?The beanie looks like a monogram piece.It would be wonderfull if ill find it somewhere !

Yes I looked out the link but i can't find the red ones.Maybe there aren't anymore.But Thank you. It helped me for the sneakers.