Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fashionable Duos: John Legend & Christine Teigen

I don't think anyone has noticed this couple quite yet, but I have been watching them and their fashion eye is amazing! She always looks fabulous as does Legend. One thing I've noticed in particular is that they are fans of 3 main colors: black white and silver/gray. Although the color selection is pretty narrow the styles and looks they pull off have a much wider range.

The first shot is the most recent of the recent couple's outings and I am in love with CHRISTINE's dress! The slight v @ the chest adds character and the patterned skirt, though it may not photograph particularly well, is adorable! Patent pumps and black clutch complete the look while legend oped for a "blacked out" look. He is sporting one of his favorite styles of tie, the "skinny tie." Along with the tie, LEGEND does a black dress shirt, slacks and shoes. They look absolutely gorgeous here!!

Next, staying in line with the black/white/silver theme, the couple attended the Grammy awards looking very elegant. TEIGEN's draped dress is very beautiful, and I love the color. JOHN decided to go for no tie this time around and I think it worked. She has the perfect figure for this type of material and she worked it! Cute!

JOHN has on the classic black and white suit here, with a loose tie, and CHRISTINE, a white chiffon/iridescent dress that met the middle of her thighs. The clutch thew in some color and the shoes brought some continuity These dresses cannot be worn by everyone, as they do not have much definition, but it looks great on her!

In this last shot, she convinces me that she was made for this style of dress. The dresses with the high waist, tiny skirts and strapless is a must, are soo cute and I love seeing them show up on the red carpet! I think it is two separate peieces,m but she put them together amazingly! Either way, it's a great look. The white pleated top, and satin belted black skirt work well with his white jacket and black tie. The full body shot shows his gray slacks, but it doesn't kill the look, it actually looks pretty good. [Thanks to VIEWIMAGES for these shots!]

We need to start watching them a little closer, they are one "FASHIONABLE DUO" to look out for in the future!

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