Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Hunt......I found it!

With the help of you all, and a little research on my part, I found out who the jacket MARY KATE had on was by. Ironically it was listed in the celeb faux pas, but I love it. It was only in there because they thought it was too big for her. Anyways, like my friend Joanna told me, it is GIVENCHY, thanks girlie! Here's what Kat Giantis had to say about it:

"The same goes for the gold studs on her Givenchy leather jacket, which on anyone else would merely be a bold embellishment. On MK, however, they're a major cause for concern. Are her sleeves hanging limply by her sides because she doesn't have the proportional strength to lift them?"

I don't care, I think it's hot! She is pictured here at Giambattista Valli's inaugural show for Moncler during Paris Fashion Week.

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