Friday, March 14, 2008

I Love My.....


KELLY ROWLAND loves her Hermes belt! As she's a classic piece to add to your wardrobe because it is timeless. She has been pictured all over, LA, Miami, New York etc. wearing the belt in both black and a tan color. The belt is actually reversible, so it's the same every time. However she does have the two different "H" buckles, one in gold and one in silver. When I really get into belts, it's going to be something I invest in, but right now I'm just not that into them. This belt retails for $540.00 and you can visit the website to check it out.

In the first shot she's wearing a white cut out tank with a pair of dark was denim jeans and red jeweled sandals. Not to mention, the hat and hair are amazing!! The belt she wore this night, while out and about in Miami was the calf skin side with the gold buckle. Next she wore all black, with the belt on the black side and the silver "H" buckle, with her tan Louis Vuitton bag. A very simple, yet chic look. The cardigan and skinny pants are classy.

She also wears the belt on the black side with the silver buckle another time while out and about for lunch. She has on a short sleeve white tee with denim jeans and a cute beanie. The silver bag can go, but it doesn't look bad. Also at a figure skating event, she wore the belt ont he same side, but with the gold buckle with a long sleeve striped shirt and pair of jeans with red accessories. I like this look, it seems very nautical to me.

The last look I caught was Kelly in a navy blue ribbed tank top, white pants, silver sandals, and the belt on the tan side with the gold belt buckle. I love this look and I love how she keeps it pretty basic. It gives accessories like these their time to shine! Loves it! The belts are hot, and like I said above, it's an investment. It's a timeless piece, so you won't be upset you spent over $500 on it because it will always be a staple in your closet.

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