Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry about the lack of Updates!

I have not been able to post like I would like to because I've been going non-stop! I was working on wardrobe for a film 12 hrs a day, then I had to interview D. Woods of Danity Kane for Seventeen Magazine, which was amazing by the way, and now to top it all off, this week is midterms! So you can very well imagine just how hectic things are with me right now! There's so much I want to post and share, but I literally have no time!! I will be going to New York on Saturday for Spring Break, and while I'm there, hopefully I'll get some downtime....but I doubt it, as this is my first time to the Big Apple! Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I'm so sorry that it's been sitting idle for some days now. I WILL be back soon, I promise! :)

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