Friday, November 9, 2007

Maybe I Spoke too Soon......

....when I said I don't like HOUSE OF DEREON. Well let's be honest, at the time I think that was really the case, but with the recent additions that Tina and Beyonce have made to the line, I think it has the potential to sway my opinion. I was browsing "" and I came across of these photos of Beyonce in some of the line's new arrivals. She is modeling the new dresses in the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. They are not yet available but should be before the year is out. I am really loving the white and silver number along with the blue one even though you can;t see the entire dress. From what I can see, it looks like somebody has been putting a little more time and effort as far as creating pieces that can actually be displayed in the category of high fashion. Whoever talked the Knowles' into taking the line in a different direction from all of the fur, and gold inspired designs: THANK YOU! :) Head over to faded youth to check out the rest of the pics.

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