Friday, November 9, 2007

The Hotness: Shoe Fanantic!

I thought these LANVIN flats were sooo cute! I
love the over-exaggerated big black bow. They are brown suede, and the bow is black velvet. I am a huge fan of flats and I want these! What do you guys think?

"I am so DOPE
Like Louboutins with the red bottoms
You gotta have 'em, you glad you got 'em"
-Jay Z
The next pair of boots are for my dreams only, because with a price tag of $1295.00 I can pay one semester of tuition, lol. But for those of you who can afford definitely should cop these. This pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN boots take the cake when it comes to "tall boots" for the season. They have about a 4.5 inch heel, and are a beautiful shade of gray. Me likey! :)

Something a little more in my price range that my best friend and I saw while out in the mall today is a pair of boots from BAKERS. I initially picked up a different pair, and when the salesman didn't have my size he bought these out as possible alternatives. The picture doesn't do the boot justice, so head to your local Bakers to get a better look. I really like them becuase they can be worn pulled all the way up or as a slouch boot. Cute!

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