Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skin is IN!

I don't care how good your make-up is or how well you apply it, if you are not starting out with a good palate, you can forget it. It is extremely to take good care of your skin while you're young, that way you age gracefully. I often hear people say "black don't crack," and while this may be visibly true, the sun rays will still destroy you skin and can possibly cause cancer. UV rays do not discriminate!

I posted my skin care regimen a while back and it included products like Oil of Olay Daily Facials and Ponds Dry Skin cream. I was one of those people that said "If it's not broken, why fix it?" But I have recently begun to try things that will enhance my skin and take better care of it as opposed to just maintaining. Some of the products I am really loving right now include:

Carol's Daughter "Wash Away the Oil" Skin Care collection

This collection is a favorite of mine because it is extremely gentle on your skin and if you have sensitive skin like me you know how important that is. I often try to avoid extremely oily products as my skin produces enough of its own, so this is ideal. And though you're washing away the oil, you skin is not going to get dried out. The face wash balances the skin's oil production so you're not shiny all day. The set includes the face wash, the toner and the essential serum and retails for $50.50. The recipe for application is as follows:

Gently cleanse your skin with Wash Away the Oil Face Wash
Tone and refresh your skin using Wash Away the Oil Face Toner
Treat your skin to the moisture replenishing oils of the Essential Serum

Another favorite of mine right now is Ambi. The line specializes in "providing women of African, Latin and South Asian heritage scientifically proven solutions to meet their unique skincare needs." So that's something great to look for when you're searching for a product. You don't want to use a product that doe snot take into consideration the type of skin your have. And yes it's true, different nationalities require different types of care and product. A big reason both Carol's Daughter and Ambi have made their way into my regimen.

I currently use the Even & Clear Daily Daily Moisturizer and the best part about this is it includes SPF 30! So you're not only moisturized but you're protected from UVA and UVB rays. It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and that gets major points from me. I apply the moisturizer daily after I wash my face and it gives me an instant glow! During the week when I'm in a rush, I walk right make-up no nothing. Just 4 pumps of this miracle moisturizer. Even though I only use the moisturizer, there is a whole line of Even & Clear products including Exfoliating Cream, Acne Clearing Treatment and Fade Cream.

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