Friday, May 8, 2009

Make it a Magical Mother's Day!

So this is one of my favorite Holiday's of the year! I love celebrating my Mommy, as she's pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm extremely grateful for her and everything she's done for me, which makes it much more difficult to shop for her! It's like what material thing can you buy to show alll that love? Well guess what? I have some ideas!

There's nothing better than giving your mom the opportunity to relax and take a break from all the hard work she does, and if in these rough economic times you can't afford to spend $500 on an ultimate spa package, here are some great gift ideas!

In order for that special woman in your life to be properly relaxed and refreshed, she needs to start her day out right. What better way to do than to get a wonderful night's sleep? I am so in love with this collection from Bath & Body Works! The Lavender-Vanilla Aromatherapy has such an amazing scent and the effects are fabulous! I have been using this for almost 2 years now, and I really notice a difference form the nights when I do and don't use it. I wake up feeling more refreshed, and I actually feel like I had a wonderful sleep! It truly stars off a day better! This particular set was $35.00 and is now $21.00 and includes a 10 oz. Body Wash, 6.5 oz. Body Lotion, 0.3 oz. Instant Aromatherapy in Sound Sleep and a sleep mask.

When she's all awake and feeling wonderful, she can head over to her Limited Edition Pearls Gift Set from one my fav lines Carol's Daughter! This is a great way to have Mom smelling fabulous all day! This is the perfect combination of lemon verbena, apricot and peach, creating a very luxurious and intense smell. You don't need but one spritz of the Eau de Toilette to smell great all day long and the special Body Creme Deluxe Sample comes inside too! I have the Eau de Toilette and so many people ask me what I'm wearing! And the packaging is beautiful so you don't have to worry about gift wrapping, just hand it over and let the aroma do the rest! This set is valued at $60.00 but retails for $49.50.

Or if you want mom to be able to pick out her own fab gift from Carol's Daughter, then grab a gift card from!

I think a lady always deserves to tote around her valuables in style! If you really want to splurge on Mom this year, you should grab one of the Galleria tote's from Louis Vuitton. I went ahead and got my mother hers early, since her birthday is so close and she LOVES it! She gets so many compliments and though upon receiving it, I thought it was too big, when I showed it to her she loved the size. If your mom doesn't tote as much stuuf around as mine, opting for the Galleria PM is a better alternative. I got her the Momogram version and I went for the Damier Azur collection, as I think it perfect for summer! NoirLace wouldnt you agree?! ;) The GM retails for $1,450 and the PM is $1,270.

If you live in LA you know how beautiful the weather has been lately, but actually I hear many people have been getting some gorgeous weather all over! Either way, hopefully you're in a place where the sun is shining more often than not. Pick up a pair of these Basic Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent. Classic shades, not too much detail, but more than enough style. They come in Black and Olive Amber, so take your pick both are sure to please Mom! If your Mom is anything like mine, she's always conveniently picking up your sunglasses to wear for herself, so this will definitely make the cut for a gift this year! :)

Next up, personalized accessories are always fun! Adding that little extra uumpphhh to something that would otherwise be plain and ordinary will let Mom know you're thinking of her and when she uses that phone book, pen, planner, etc. she'll think of you too! There are various combinations you can put together, so heard over to pick out which ones you like! Prices range from $44.00-$154.00.

To wrap-up this "Magical Mother's Day" I have a suggestion that I think is one of the best! We all know that caffeine is the poison of choice for many, but it's obviously not the healthiest! Make Mom a healthier Mom by giving her a BonJour® FineT Gourmet Tea Machine to replace that cofeemaker. I know, especially for Moms on the go, that caffeine is what wakes them up and oftentimes keeps them going through their day. So why not promote Mom's healthy lifestyle and replace that coffee with some green tea perhaps? I mean it can be any type of tea you like, but I for one know I would benefit off of this great little machine also, as I love tea! This is on the fancier end, but I hear it's worth it, retailing at $299.99. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond among other places!

And of I think course flowers and a card are a staple and should be given in addition to any one of these gifts or whatever else you decide to get mom. Happy Shopping!

Everyone have a fabulous Mother's Day and to all the Moms out there: YOU ARE THE GREATEST! WE ARE WHAT WE ARE BECAUSE OF YOU. DON'T EVER FORGET HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO US!!! LOVE JESS!