Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Recap!

So I think people have some of the most creative costumes, and I love seeing all of the different ideas and executions of them! After a little viewing and perusing of the internet. I found the winner for most original celeb costume and I think it's USHER as HANCOCK. I loved it and immediately knew what he was!
Now for my night in Hollyweird!!! Like I said, I was Betty Rubble, of the Flinstones, and I hit the streets of WeHo (West Hollywood for those who don't live out here) for a very interesting, entertaining, eventful night! Here is the whole little family, minus the father's lol. Betty Rubble (me), Bam Bam Rubble (Enrique), Wilma Flinstone (Gentria), and Pebbles Flinstone (Kedra). Hilarious right?!
Here are my awards for the night in Hollywood:
Most Original and Clever Costume:
Mail Order Bride
Funniest Costume:
Reno 911 Cop Lieutenant Jim Dangle
Most Fabulous Tranny Costume:
Beyonce in the "Single Ladies" Video (honestly, one of my fav...and yes he painted himself brown for the night, lol):
Most Politically Conscious Costume:
A Voting Booth (she was really having people do a mock vote, and keeping track. When I voted the results were: Obama-47, McCain-13....sounds good to me! :)
And one that I just thought was cute:
Brad & Angelina w/the clan of babies
Fun times in Hollyweird! I hope everyone had a fun & safe night.

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