Monday, October 13, 2008

LA Fashion Week Day 2

Hello All!

I both attended and worked LA Fashion week today at Smashbox Studios.
Unfortunately I did the silliest thing and left my camera at home!!!!! *super sad face* I will totally remember to bring it tomorrow and the rest of the week! You don't know how mad I was @ myself!!

It was a fun day for me, and I go to go to Ed Hardy's "Street Fame" show, which is full of color and gaudy graffiti art. Scarfs, shoes, boots, visors, bikini's, etc. were all on the runway for this show. I am not really a fan of Mr. Audigier's line, but I did get to meet and talk with him and he's great! Lovely man. The intro was soo cute, a group of kids battling 2 adults in break-dancing! I also attended/worked the Beach Bunny show which was great, but I was more interested in the shoes. The scantily clad ladies rocked very cute suits, along with amazing Gucci shoes! All different colors and styles!

The rest of the week I will be attending the shows, not working! Yaaayy! But to be perfectly honest, going to LA fashion week always reminds me how bad I want to move to New York! I need high-fashion in my life! LA Fashion week does not satisfy me at all. Kevan Hall was yesterday, and I will say that that was probably as good as it's going to get. I would love to attend NY Fashion week...I am going to make it a point to fly out here and get to some of the shows in the next couple of years! If you're reading this and would like to bring a guest next time you go (me!), don't hesitate to call! :)

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