Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Hotness: Rocawear has added a Fragrance to it's Empire

The popular urban clothing like is branching out beyond jeans, shoes, bags and jewelry; it is now adding cologne to it's repertoire. The new fragrance is called 91X (ninety-nine) and has a very eye-catching commercial to go along with it. A woman is picture din her underwear in bed caressing her face and body with a man's t-shirt ass he is overheard on the answering machine telling her he's not going to make it home. The theme is "Stay on her Mind."

I like the catch phrase, because ladies, we know that whatever our man wears, that scent stays on our minds! lol It is available in 2 sizes and also has a deodorant and shower gel to go along with it. You can purchase your own here, or get your hubby and early Christmas gift.

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