Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Notice Anything Familiar?

New photos of BEYONCE recently surfaced where the singer was rocking more of a high-fashion couture look and I couldn't help but notice the extreme similarity to the YSL Campaign that NAOMI CAMPBELL shot earlier in the year. The whole vibe of the shoot seems very similar, so much that some of the poses and garments almost seem identical.

Here are the shots I thought resembled one another the most:

Shot #1: Genie pants, l/s white blouse, same stance.

Shot #2: Same style of jacket, pant, and shoe and pose...basically identical.

Shot #3: This is a little different from the previous two. Not so blatant, but the swagger and the positioning of the pose is pretty much the same. B's just sitting, while Naomi is doing more of a lean.

Both ladies look amazing, as they're undoubtedly two of my fav "friends in my head!" lol Love it!

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