Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keri Killed It!

So this is pretty much one of new fav R&B chicks! I love her voice and her style. I also interviewed KERI the other night which was amazing. Even though it seems she's worked with everyone under the sun, she told me she would love to write Lauryn's [Hill] comeback song to to even be a part of her project at all.

I had the pleasure of also seeing her perform at the Pepsi Blue Carpet Bash and let me just say: wow! She shut it down in every way, shape and form. She danced, she sung and she had the crowd hype! I cannot wait for her album "In a Perfect World" to hit stores October 14th! I highly recommend you have a listen. As of right now her song "Slow Dance" is on repeat in my ipod!


Wes said...

YES! I love "Slow Dance"- Listen to everyday ALL day. I've always had much respect for Keri, she's accomplished so much at such a young age. I'm anxious for her album to drop as well.

Don said...

Oh, I saw her video. She's a bad girl.