Friday, September 19, 2008

Bag Lady: Who's Got What

Here are few of the hottest bags out right now on some of the hottest ladies. I am loving these bags personally and will do whatever is necessary to get my hands on @ least ONE!!! I have the one Kim is rocking, but I need that Babouska in my life! lol Check it out!

RIHANNA rocks the GUCCI Babouska Large Shoulder bag.

I love the tassel detail, and of course Gucci's signature champagne gold hardware!

CIARA also shows her love for the GUCCI Babouska collection in this Medium Boston Bag.

I love how she dresses it down, the signature bags are already so busy on their own.

TINY, former XSCAPE member and T.I.'s bottom chick rocks all of the latest designer bags. That's one thing I've always noticed about this chick.

Here she is carrying the Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit MM in gold. Hers is special ediction, but it also comes in other colors (such as the white and brown pictured here).

And of course, Kobe's wife VANESSA BRYANT stays with the hottest pieces from the top designers. Here she is pictured with the ever so popular Babouska bag.

She is rocking the clutch from the collection, which also comes in blue and red.

Last but not least is KIM KARDASHIAN with he GUCCI Horsebit hobo. This bag is a classic from Gucci. Very timeless.

This particular color is not sold in stores any longer, however chocolate, signature canvas and the Guccisima versions are still available and are in the "classic" category. This means they're staples for the line and probably won't go anywhere anytime soon.


Wes said...

I'm really feelin' Kim's whole outfit... its so classy yet comfy looking. I need that bag :-(

Don said...

They can say what they want about Kim Kardashian, but that's a bad broad.