Tuesday, August 5, 2008

They Love Him!!!!

Celebs are showing their support for the presidential hopeful left and right. I decided to put together a post of the people spotted declaring their stance for the 2008 Presidential elections by rocking some of the different designs created featuring Mr. OBAMA himself. BEYONCE is pictured here with he hubby Jay rocking what I think is the most popular version of the tee. I just saw this one in Urban Outfitters over the weekend.

HALLE was spotted last year rocking a Sir Alistar Rai tee supporting Obama, which KIM KARDASHIAN also wore in a different color.

DIDDY'S statement is very clear with the OBAMA OR DIE tee.

HALLE has made her position on the elections very obvious wit her multiple tees.

RYAN PHILLIPE has a version we haven't seen before, very stylish indeed.

ALICIA KEYS performs in an OBAMA shirt.

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