Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dressed to Impress

Some of the dresses I've seen on the red carpet on some of young Hollywood's starlets are very eye-catching. Between movie premieres, film festivals, and birthday parties, the ladies have been given more than one reason to dress up.

MEAGAN GOOD celebrated her birthday this weekend in LA and wore this very different but cute dress. I am straddling the line of like and dislike for the skin exposure along the stomach area but the rest of it I'm sure I love. The color is great too! The shoes are kind of safe, as I am not a fan of "strappy" sandals, but the dress makes up for them!

wore this very cute black strapless dress with bright shoes and I think it worked out perfectly. I love this chic's whole style, she makes anything her own and I digg that about her. It's hard to see since she's on a black backdrop.

CASSIE wore this Herve Ledger skirt and tank combo that Rihanna was recently spotted in and believe me if I had the figure would most def be the new kid in my closet! I love this and it's such a different spin on the overly-rocked HL dress that has taken over the red carpets!

Supermodel in the making CHANEL IMAN attended the Tyra Show with all of the other Black models featured in the "Black Issue" of VOGUE magazine, wearing this electric blue satin dress. I think she looks amazing in this and even though she's ridiculously skinny the look is a hit. I love the boots with it and she's gorgie! Good look.

Top Model contestant TOCARRA, went all black and knocked it out of the park. I love her entire look here: makeup, hair, ensemble, everything! The red pump is hot and is definitely the statement piece.

**Funny how all these ladies have their hands on their hip. We are hilarious!

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Wes said...

Cassie's outfit: HOT!!