Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aubrey wears her heart on her sleeve....

Known for speaking her mind and not biting her tongue, Danity Kane breakout star AUBREY O'DAY has started her own clothing line. "Heart on My Sleeve" is a line of t-shirts, briefs, and accessories that feature cute quotes, sayings and phrases that speak your mind for you.

I like the concept, but it's not as if it hasn't been done before. I can remember about 3 years back when this was the thing to do; wear your "heart on your sleeve." It was definitely my thing, I loved these types of shirts my freshman and sophomore year of college. I like some of the phrases, granted they are different than some that Ive seen in the past. My favorites are: "DJ'S MAKE ME HORNY" and "I LOVE BOYS WHO THROW ROCKS AT MY WINDOW". They retail for about $18/each and you can grab one at Heartonmysleeve.com.

She also offers the chance to steal her style with the hippie-ish headband she wears, along with huge flowers that are completely "Carrie" and puppy clothes. Check it out!

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