Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm excited about this.....

The Real Housewives of ATLANTA!

The show that originally began with the OC, then added on a New York cast, which I love by the way has taken it to the south. The newest addition of Housewives will be women for Atlanta, Georgia. The successful women are all beautiful, and look stylish, so you know this is my cup of tea! That's the reason I loved the NYC version so much, the ladies were like a Sex & the City meets Desperate Housewives! Here is some info on the cast according to E!
The camera-ready hausfraus this time around:

* Deshawn Snow: nonprofit founder, wife of Cleveland Cavaliers baller Eric Snow
* Kim Zolciack: single mom, aspiring country-music singer
* Lisa Wu Hartwell: real estate firm owner, jewelry and baby-clothing designer, model, actress, writer...and wife of Oakland Raiders linebacker Ed Hartwell
* NeNe Leakes: nonprofit founder, wife of real estate investor, two sons
* Sheree Whitfield: single mother of three, clothing-line owner

All of whom are at the center of the Atlanta social scene, Bravo promises.

A preview of the show airs July 30th at Midnight on Bravo (I know right? Why midnight?!)

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